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Endorsed by The White House Initiative on Hispanic Educational Excellence

ALCREJ's commitments to Action for Hispanics in Education

American Latino Center for Research, Education & Justice (ALCREJ) began a series of Latino Education Summits (LES) in 2014.  The focus of these summits was to address a myriad of concerns related to the academic success or failure of Latino youth in the public school system.  

These summits serve as a catalyst for positive educational change in the public school system and serve as a springboard for similar summits to be held in different parts of the city for more focused collaborative efforts to reform public education. 

The main objective of these summits is to gain input from stakeholders and to develop strategies and recommendations in the pursuit of improving policies that ultimately result in less students dropping out, greater graduation rates, and improved college preparedness. 

The goal  is two-fold; to create a greater awareness of the inadequacies of the public school system and to better address the academic needs of our youth; secondly, to utilize the information from the proceedings and develop recommendations for our elected officials to make policy changes that are required to improve the academic needs of our youth. 

In 2015 The American Latino Center for Research, Education & Justice, ALCREJ, was ‘Endorsed’ by the White House as an initiative in Houston, Texas that is exemplary and holds the promise of helping create the paradigm shift that is needed in public education to decrease the dropout epidemic, increase graduation rates and better prepare the Latino Student for entry into an institution of higher learning and the workforce.  ALCREJ will hold a series of Latino Education Summits to highlight the obstacles to a quality education for Hispanics and offer Best Practices from experts in the field of education and practitioners in the schools who have a proven track record of student success in the classroom.  These Summits will be strategically held across the Houston area to facilitate greater inclusion at all levels.  It is expected that a minimum of 20,000 parents and students will be positively impacted by this initiative.